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hi guys,

Charlotte and Shadow EWW and react Show cover by Charlotterulesofteam

oh ok this is the chance you all been waiting for that it is time for a contest for the first time ever, so lets get this started!!! XD

alright you all animation people out there this contest is going to show off your skill by making an opening for the new tv show called "Charlotte the husky and Shadow the hedgehog  everything wrong with ..... & react show" that we need some music maded by you along with this 

sceneshot plan sheet - CSEWWARS contest by Charlotterulesofteam

yes my friends it is something to get you all started that you can do what style you like it to be as long it is so awesome and grab anyone to watch the show because this show is relate a youtube to cimemasins and so we like to see lots of people inserted to do it and entering is unlimited until september 16th, so yea starting today to the end of september 16th that you guys have your finished video then send it to me on Skype or email (which is my email is called princesscharlottedavid28gmail. com).

Entering the contest:

let me know that you are willing to enter the contest that you have to comment to say "I will join in this contest"  and  email saying "I got my video ready for you for C&S EWW and React show" when you are finished making the video also I will be super happy to add you on this journal so yea that's is all for today and I'm wishing you all the luck that you will get!!! XD
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  • Listening to: bang it out music on youtube
  • Playing: sonic jump fever
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Charlotterulesofteam's Profile Picture
Charlotte The Husky
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I have youtube account,Skype, Photobucket and facebook, I'm kind, nice, helpful.
Gander: Felmale
age: 18
I got half Autistic and half Aspergers - Autistic means: relating to or affected by autism. Aspergers means: Asperger syndrome, also known as Asperger disorder or simply Asperger's, is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.
likes: I like to be random sometimes, playing with my friends and family, punks, dare devil, any music I like, I love using my powers if I want to and making fun of my cousin.
dislike: burning my tail, bullies, lonely, losing my family and friends, water (because I cant swim in the sea), tell me what to do, taking my powers away and shouting at me.
best things love doing: beating up emeies, watching other people's videos I like, looks at art pictures from people I love to do and eleic shock chair.
forms: hyper super form, element forms, werehog form, half vampire form, pony form, grim form, giant form, my male side form (Charlon) and god form.
favs: varied artworks, digital artwork, dragons and wolves.
Father - :iconmrsaeba-san:
little brother - :iconshockth1:
big brother - :icondrakethebluedragon:
brothers - :iconzaxthehedgehog:
oldest son - :iconsoncosmo1000:
Sons - :iconhypergs:
Nephew - :iconjacktheredlion:
cousin - :iconshadowthehedgehog02: :iconxxacidicdreamsxx:
Sister - :iconxzfairyprincesszx: (my sister's new account :iconxzdisasterologyzx: )
my creatsion I maded - :iconchaosbrolyx:
my pet dragon - Spark and Moon Knight
my awesome best friend in the hole wide world - Chill the echidna :iconmaxthefox217: :iconeeveexriolu: :iconliveonshadow: :icondalaneybugg: :iconroselinachan:
my annoying helpers in grim realm: :iconnavthemoneky166:

Ask thingy list;

Ask Charlotte Heroes Cover by Charlotterulesofteam - Ask Charlotte Heroes

Ask Sonic, Shadow and Silver cover by Charlotterulesofteam - Ask Sonic, Shadow and Silver

Ask Creeff cover by Charlotterulesofteam - Ask Creeff

Sonic, Silver, Scourge and Shadow by Marlenesstamps Fleetourge stamp by eeveexriolu Panty+Stocking.stamp by SweetTeaholic .. CSI Stamp .. by DoomTaco Mephiles Stamp 4 by MammaCarnage Mephilver stamp by eeveexriolu Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik Sugar Sugar Rune Stamp by HentekoMekura MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty 987451 by kitsunekin Vanguard Stamp by AssassinHiruI love Assassin's by englishlioness PendStamp by Pendulonium Sonic Team/SEGA Stamp by Super-HedgehogS-S-S Stamp by yanin15 Stamp.:Zone Cop Fan:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx Team Sonic Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Sonic, Shadow and Silver by Marlenesstamps Sonadow Stamp by Rebe-IT Sonic Generations Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Shadow the hedgehog stamp by migueruchan Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Wreck-It Ralph stamp by TheSharkGuy Sonic Generations Loading Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Sonic.EXE Fan Button V1.1 by Natakiro Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Sonic the Hedgehog Button (Edited/Updated) by Super-Hedgehog Hyper Shadic Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Shadow Fan Button by Super-Hedgehog Silver Fan Button by Super-Hedgehog Sonic X Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Ezio Auditore Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog MLP: Friendship is Magic Fan Button (Edited) by ButtonsMaker SonadowFan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog Twilight Sparkle Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog Rainbow Dash Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog Spider-man Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Soul Eater Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Jeff the Killer Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Uzumaki Naruto Fan Button by ButtonsMaker DragonBall Z Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Bleach Fan Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox Ika Musume Fan Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox Hatsune Miku Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Scourge Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog

Youtube account; Charlottethewerehog (I think I need to get new one)
Facebook account; Princesscharlotte Thehedgewolf(old account), Charlotte David (new account)
Photobucket account; Charotte the hedgewolf (I think I need to get new one)
Skype account; charlottedavid3 (name of this is Charlotte the husky)

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HyperGS Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
mommy? what did you mean with ' isn't that my friends icon' ?
Charlotterulesofteam Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh it's nothing dear ^^; 
HyperGS Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
okay mommy *stomach rumbles while I carry Sonic doll*
Charlotterulesofteam Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww you are hungry son hehehe it is a good thing I made breakfast for you and sonic doll that they are on the table ^^
Sonic Doll: ^^ *cant wait to eat my breakfast with you* 
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ZaxTheHedgeHog Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Hi sis
Charlotterulesofteam Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi bro ^^
ZaxTheHedgeHog Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
How's my sis doing?
Charlotterulesofteam Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fine and working hard as I can ^^;
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Zorathetwilightdrake Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
deviantART is my home on the internet.
All the greatest artworks can be found here. Whether it is fanart, or original art, it can be found here.
Some of the greatest future artists will come from here. But now, deviantART is in danger of being shut down.
I do not know, if what I do, will save DA. But if our home is taken away from us, then please know this:

You are a great and wonderful friend, one of my best friends on deviantART and perhaps even on the internet.
We have had wonderful times together, we have fought many battles together.
We have laughed and cried, telling each other's problems, and helped with them.
We have had art trades, or art gifts, or just complimenting each others' art.
I have never known a friend, as great as you.
If our home is taken from us, then please know, that I will always be your friend.
You will always be in my heart, my thoughts, my mind, my art.
I will never forget you. We will always be friends...

Please send this to at least 10 dA friends of yours. Please let them know, that you will always be friends, and always love each other, as I am telling you now.
Let us hope...that we will see each other again...someday...
Charlotterulesofteam Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uhhh idk how to do this thing ^^;
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